Unconventional Holiday Ideas

people sharing takeout food
Have you finalized your plans for the upcoming holidays yet? Perhaps you aren’t too fond of holiday festivities or maybe you’re just looking for some changes from your traditional lineup of events. Whichever one it is, we here at Arrive Los Carneros are sharing some unconventional ways you can enjoy yourselves, whether you have guests or not this month.

Host a Talent Show

If you anticipate having a large crowd around this holiday season, why not host a low-key talent show? Chances are some people will have some interesting and pretty cool tricks up their sleeves. You’ll probably have a few people who decide on some festive holiday talents like singing carols or reciting a holiday poem, but chances are you’ll get all sorts of creative entries. Yoyo tricks. Dance routines. Stand-up comedy. Giving people a chance to show off their talents makes for a really fun evening!

Order Takeout Food

For one of your major meals this holiday season, order takeout from your favorite restaurant. Treat yourself by ordering all of your favorite dishes; you may decide to splurge on all the sides you don’t usually allow yourself to spend money on. Make sure to order enough to have leftovers, too!

Take a Weekend Trip

Perhaps you’re looking to get away from your holiday routine altogether. While it’s likely too late to plan a cross-country or cross-continent vacation, why not plan a weekend getaway? Think about a city nearby you’ve always wanted to visit; look for cheap hotels or an Airbnb in the area.

We hope our post helped give you a few unconventional ideas to remind you that you can celebrate the holidays however you want to. Thanks for reading. We hope you have a great rest of the month in Goleta, CA or wherever you might be celebrating the holidays!