Tips for Better Sleep During National Sleep Comfort Month

man sleeping peacefully

Happy National Sleep Comfort Month from The Apartments at Los Carneros Blog! This November, we are sharing our best recommendations for getting a better night’s sleep with everyone here in our Goleta, CA apartment community. Keep reading for some of our top tips.

Power Down

It is pretty common for us to bring our smartphones into bed with us these days. But have you considered that they may be significantly affecting the quality of your sleep? Screens emit blue light, and it has shown to negatively affect our ability to fall asleep. For a better night’s rest, we recommend putting away laptops, tablets, and smartphones at least one hour before you crawl into bed.  

Check Your Mattress

How long has it been since you bought a new mattress? They are made to last 7-10 years, and that’s if the one you have the right kind for you. When shopping for a new mattress, you’ll want to find one with a nice balance between comfort and support. A soft mattress, though oftentimes comfortable, isn’t providing your body with the support it needs. An extra firm mattress may offer ample support, but it might wake you up in discomfort. Try and find something in between!

Control Noise and Light

By this point, you are probably used to falling asleep in a variety of different noise and light levels. However, you’ll significantly improve how well you sleep if you control both of these things. When you sleep, the darker the room is the better. Your blinds may block out some light, but chances are, there is some that peeks through. If that is the case, consider heading to a local department store and purchasing a sleep mask. As for noise, it is inconsistency that matters. If you prefer noise to silence, use a white noise app or something that won’t fluctuate.

Stay Active

On top of keeping yourself physically fit, working out also contributes to a better night’s sleep. Whether you prefer lifting weights, mountain biking, or jogging, any form of regular exercise is sure to help you sleep better.

Develop a Pre-bedtime Ritual

It seems that morning routines are pretty standard, but it turns out that implementing a pre-bedtime ritual will lead to higher quality sleep. Pick a calming activity like sipping herbal tea, reading a book by lamplight, or taking a soothing bath. Whatever you choose, doing it nightly signals to your body that it’s time to wind down and eventually climb in bed.

Thanks for reading these five tips, and we hope you sleep well tonight!