Decorate Your Apartment for Fall

A Fall wreath on a chair
Fall is here and it’s time to decorate! The Apartments at Los Carneros invites you to give your apartment a fall-themed makeover by decorating it to reflect the season. We are sharing a few suggestions and ideas to help you on this exciting adventure.

Fall Wreath

Create your own one-of-a-kind fall wreath to adorn the front door of your apartment. Use these wreath ideas from Country Living as inspiration to get you started!


Add some lamps that give off a warm, golden lighting to the make your space feel more relaxing and inviting. You can replace bright fluorescent light bulbs with ones that give off a less harsh light, like a warm yellow, red, or orange. Lighting can have a powerful effect on mood and how comfortable you feel in a room.


A centerpiece has the ability to bring a whole room together — it also says a lot without the need for any words. Create your own unique fall centerpiece for your kitchen table. Use this post from Woman’s Day to get some inspiration!

Decorative Pillows

Swap out your current accent pillows for ones with rich warm colors that are representative of fall. Check out these cute fall-themed decorative pillows from Pier1 Imports.

Throw Blankets

Pillows aren’t the only things on your couch that should set the autumn mood! Add warm-colored throw blankets to give an added feeling of fall to your home. Wayfair has a great selection of cozy throw blankets to choose from.

Pumpkins, Gourds, and Decorative Corn

Add some decorative, seasonal items around your home for some color and an added fall vibe. Mini pumpkins, faux pumpkins and gourds, Indian corn, and hay bales all express Fall. Little displays on tables, on your front porch, and in other out of the way places in your house will ensure you don’t crowd your apartment and use up all the livable space.

Share your own fall decorating ideas with the rest of our Goleta, CA apartment community in the comments. Have fun decorating!