Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping

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If you’d rather drop than shop post-Thanksgiving, then maybe Black Friday Shopping isn’t for you. You might hate the crowds, or maybe you know you won’t be able to resist the sale prices and go way over your budget. Whatever your reasoning for not participating, we here at The Apartments at Los Carneros Blog have a few suggestions for what you could do instead.

Spend Time in Nature

Ever since 2015, REI has encouraged employees and customers to #OptOutside instead of spending Black Friday at the store, and we think it’s a great idea! From hiking in Channel Islands National Park to exploring the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens to fishing at Goleta Pier, there is a never-ending number of ways you can spend this Black Friday outdoors. Consider making a new tradition to choose a different adventure outside each day this year!

Binge Your Favorite Show

Maybe you’d rather stay inside this year. That’s okay because you can always have a binge-watching party instead! Pick a show you haven’t watched in a while, or maybe you could even host a holiday movie marathon to prepare yourself for the magic of December. Whether you decide to invite others or you prefer to be by yourself, purposeful binge-watching might be just what you need to recharge the day after Thanksgiving.

Clean Out Your Closet

Before you add any new clothing to your closet, why not take a moment to check out what you already have first? Spend Black Friday revisiting your selection of winter clothes, and if there are any that don’t fit you anymore or that you have worn one too many times, donate them to a local charity. It’s never a bad choice to decide what you really need before buying new clothes, and your donations will help someone stay warm this winter too!

Support a Local Business

You may still want to get some holiday shopping done before December rolls around. Why not support a local business by participating in Small Business Saturday? It takes place two days after Thanksgiving. Rather than spending money that benefits a large corporation like the majority of stores would visit on Black Friday, benefit the local economy by choosing to shop at a small business instead. Plus, the presents you find at local shops will make for something much more unique.

Shop Online

Thanks to Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, you’re bound to find the most competitive deals on all the newest gadgets right from inside your apartment! Since shopping is quickly shifting from in-store to online, it’s possible you will find even better deals online on Cyber Monday than you would out shopping on Black Friday! Not to mention, you will save a load of time.

Thanks for reading our list of Black Friday alternatives today! We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving weekend here in Little Elm, TX, no matter how you choose to spend it.